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How To Create Landing Pages That Convert


I'm among the few Landing Page Optimization experts who believe that landing pages should be created in such a way that they consistently boost conversion. If you’re in the quest of knowing how to create landing pages that convert, then allow me to share these 10 landing page optimization tips that I have used to create and optimize all the great landing pages I have worked on so far, with you. Implement these tips on your next landing page design and sit back and enjoy the joys of creating a high converting landing page like I have :)

Let’s dive right in.
10 Tips On How To Create High Converting Landing Pages
1) The Main Navigation on the Side or Top Should Be Removed
It takes some effort to bring visitors on your landing page and after all the work you wouldn’t want them leaving without responding to your call on your landing page. Hence any link on your landing page that enable visitors to move about your website, will run the risk of distracting them, which will increases the chance of them abandoning your landing page before they convert. To reduce this friction and increase your landing page conversion rates, I would advise you remove the main navigation from your landing page(s).
2) Have All Necessary Elements on your Landing Page
Usually than not, landing pages are used as a medium to convert visitors into leads by getting them to completing a transaction or by collecting contact information from them. To make these happen, the landing page should consist of the following important elements:
  • A headline and sub-headline
  • A clear and succinct description of the offer while emphasizing the offer’s value
  • At least one supporting killer image
  • A social proof usually elements such as testimonials or security badges
  • And of course, a custom form to capture visitors' information.
3) The Headline of the Landing Page should correspond to the CTA
It’s important to keep your messaging consistent in both your headline and call-to-action (CTA) on your landing page. Usually if your headline reads differently from what is on your CTA, your visitors’ might be confused and wonder if the CTA is linked to the wrong page. Remember, your landing page should reflect what you promised in your call-to-action.
4) Keep Your Primary CTA (Call To Action) Above The Fold
The fold is the section of your website your visitors can see without scrolling, and to boost conversion it’s paramount you keep the most important parts of your webpage including your primary call to action above the fold. You should definitely take into account your average browser size when you are designing your landing page.
5) Utilize White Space
In landing page optimization, it could be said that ‘Less Is More’ hence a cluttered page usually end up distracting and confusing your visitors. Try and utilize white space and keep your page components (i.e. text and images) on point.
6) Always Emphasize Your Offer's Value
As a rule of thumb, I recommend you highlight the benefits of the offer with a brief paragraph followed by a few bullet points. You don’t just want to list what your product is offering; you have to go ahead and clearly highlight the value of the offer and give visitors a compelling reason to respond to your call to action in such a way you want them to respond.
7) Only Ask for the Information You Really Need
Quite a few clients that I have worked with struggle a little bit with how much or how little information they should require on their forms. I always advise them to only collect the information they really need to qualify their leads. Usually, the fewer fields you have on a form, the higher the conversion rate. I believe that’s because each new field you add to a form creates more work for the visitor, and quite what? A lot of people are not ready to spend that extra time filling your forms. That said though, usually the more fields you require, the better quality leads you would likely get. Here’s the bottom-line, test the form length that works best for your business.
8) Encourage Social Sharing
In as much as it’s thoughtful to include social media sharing buttons on your landing page to enable your prospects to evangelize your content and offers. I recommend you add these social media sharing buttons on your ‘Thank You’ page, for two reasons – First, having social media sharing buttons on your landing page might distract your prospects from converting because you’ve provided more than one call to actions on one landing page. Secondly it’s more enriching when prospects who have converted and want to be associated with your brand shares your offer or content. As usual, you have to test what converts better for your landing page.
9) Use An Appropriate Call To Action
Avoid using the word "Submit" on your form button as much as you can. Let your call to action be the benefit that relates to what prospects will be getting in return. For instance, if the form is to subscribe to your newsletter, the submit button should say, “Subscribe to Our Newsletter.”
Also try to make your call to action button big, bold, and colorful, and make it look like a button i.e. clickable.
10) Harness Social Proof and Reduce Prospects’ Anxiety
People are resistant to give up their personal information including their phone numbers talk more of their card details. To help reduce visitors' form completion anxiety on your landing page, try adding some of the below elements:
  • Add a privacy message (or a lightbox link to your privacy policy) just under the form that indicates visitors' email addresses will not be shared or sold.
  • To enable your visitors know their information is safe and secure include security seals, or certifications if you have them.
  • Another great way to harness social proof is to add testimonials or customer logos.
How good are you in creating landing pages that convert? What challenges do you face when you are trying to create and/or optimize your landing pages for more conversions? What would you like to this post?
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